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REST Tunnel (New)

The REST tunnel is an ICF service that serves as an ABAP proxy in the back-end system. It realizes the SSO connection to external service providers such as SAP Jam and thus helps to solve cross-domain problems when addressing such providers from browser clients.

SAP Fiori applications use the REST tunnel instead of establishing their own OData services in the back-end system, if the only purpose of such an OData service would be to address an OData or REST endpoint of the service provider. From the application's perspective, the tunnel is called instead of calling SAP Jam directly.

For more information, see Configuring REST Tunnel.

Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection (New)

Token-based protection against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) is available and enabled by default for ABAP Social Media Integration.

For more information, see Network and Communication Security.

Social Media Integration OData Service (New)

A new Social Media Integration (SMI) OData service (SM_INTEGRATION_V2_SRV) is now available. This service replaces service SM_INTEGRATION_SRV and is required to retrieve the collaboration host URL and external mapping data so that the REST tunnel can be used for the Share and Discuss features.

Public OData API (New)
Support for SAP Jam’s public OData API is now available. This API is used for all requests sent through the REST tunnel, and is used by the following features:
  • Share and Discuss in SAP Jam
  • Notification tile for the SAP Fiori Launchpad
The Group tile still uses an older version of the SAP Jam API.

For more information, see the SAP Jam Integration Guide on SAP Help Portal at Under Developer Information, open the Developer's Guide and choose OData API.

Migration Report for SAIL Configuration Data (New)

You can use report RCLB2_CUST_MIGRATE to conveniently migrate your Social Media ABAP Integration Library (SAIL) configuration data to the relevant ABAP SMI Customizing tables.

For more information, see Migration of SAIL Configuration Data.

Sending Notifications (New)

A set of new Customizing activities is available in Customizing for SAP NetWeaver under Start of the navigation path UI Technologies Next navigation step SAP Jam Integration Next navigation step Notifications End of the navigation path to configure the optional Sending Notifications scenario.

For more information, see Sending Notifications to SAP Jam.

SAP-Jam Related Tiles (Enhanced)

The formatting of the Notification tile has been updated. The formatting now comes from SAP Fiori so that the look and feel of the Notification tile is standardized with SAP Fiori launchpad tiles.

File Upload (Changed)

Support for using a background file upload from the SAP Gateway server to SAP Jam is now available. This is used for sharing attachments in SAP Jam.

For more information, see Setting Up the bgRFC Destination

SAP Library Documentation (Enhanced)
The following major updates have been made to the documentation: