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Selecting the Starting Point for Your ThemeLocate this document in the navigation structure

To create a custom theme, you first need to select a theme as the base of your theme.


  1. Start the UI theme designer.
    Use transaction /UI5/THEME_DESIGNER in your ABAP backend system.
  2. On the start screen, select a theme from the theme list.
    • Select an SAP standard theme.

      Check the dependencies between the SAP theme and the UI technologies that support it.

      For more information, see SAP Standard Themes.

      Choose the theme which is closest to the design you want to achieve. Note that you will not edit the SAP standard theme itsself. Rather, you will adjust a copy of it and save it under a new name.
      • For cross-technology scenarios, we recommend you use SAP Gold Reflection. It allows you to create themes that apply to Unified Rendering, NWBC and SAPUI5 desktop.

      • For Fiori scenarios, we recommend SAP Blue Crystal. It allows you to create themes that apply to SAPUI5 (mobile and desktop) and Unified Rendering.

    • Select a custom theme.

      Custom themes are only offered on the start screen if users have made them available in the UI theme designer.

      • You can open a custom theme to make further adjustments to it.

        Note that there is currently no mechanism to notify you when a custom theme is edited by several users at once. To avoid changes to a theme being overwritten, you need to make sure that no other user is editing the theme you want to work on.

      • You can copy a custom theme and use it as the base to create another theme.
  3. Choose Open.