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Built-in Adaptation of SAPUI5 MobileLocate this document in the navigation structure

SAPUI5 mobile supports two options for built-in adaptations: Platform-dependent styling and the SplitApp control.

Platform-dependent Styling

The SAP Mobile Visual Identity theme (sap_mvi) is outdated. All controls and control extensions released with 1.12 or one of the following releases do not support it. Also it is not supported for the platforms: iOS7 and Android 4.3. With release 1.20 it will be removed from sap.m. Use SAP Blue Crystal (sap_bluecrystal) instead that is supported for all controls and supported platforms.

The SplitApp Control - Adapting Automatically to Different Form Factors

You can use the sap.m.SplitApp control to implement multi-page scenarios that automatically adapt to the available screen size: On phones, only one page is displayed, and on tablets, especially in landscape orientation, two pages are displayed simultaneously.

For more information, see SplitApp - Hello World.