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Rebuilding Themes after UpgradesLocate this document in the navigation structure

You may have to rebuild the stylesheet definitions of your theme after you have upgraded your ABAP system to a higher support package (SP) or implemented a patch for the rendering of one of the supported UI technologies.


Your themes are always based on SAP themes. If the SAP theme on which your theme is based was upgraded to a new version with a higher SP stack or patch, rendering issues may occur. To avoid them, you need to rebuild the CSS files of your theme.

Upgrade safety is not provided for any changes made in the CSS tab. If you used custom CSS for your theme, you should be prepared to make manual adjustments after an upgrade or patch.


  1. Start the UI theme designer.
  2. In the start screen, select your custom theme.
  3. Select Rebuild.
    The CSS files are built for the new version.