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Creating a Combination ChartLocate this document in the navigation structure

Process for creating a combination chart.


To create a combination chart, proceed as follows:


  1. Create a CombinationChart control.
    1. Set the values for width and height.
    2. Define the categoryRegions.
  2. Create the layers.
    1. Set the chart type.
    2. Define the values regions.
    3. Define the series regions, if needed.
    4. Define the columns data and define the columns that are used in the categoryRegions of the combination chart.
  3. Bind data to the layers. This is necessary because each layer has its own set of data.
  4. Add the layers to the CombinationChart control.
    You can add the layers before binding the data.
  5. For rendering, place the CombinationChart control on a place holder.
    Make sure that all layers are created and added before the CombinationChart control is rendered. After rendering, no new layers can be added or removed, although the chart type and data can still be changed.