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List provides a swipe event when a user swipes left to bring in a control on the right hand side of the list item. This event is fired before the swipeContent is shown and contains the following three important parameters:

  • listItem : List item that fired the swipe event
  • swipeContent: Specifies the swipeContent control to show on the right hand side of a list item
  • srcControl: Specifies the control that fired the swipe event

This means that you can dynamically change the swipe content according to the respective list item. If a list item, for example, has not yet been approved, the Approve button is shown. After approval or if it is already approved, the Disapprove button is shown. See the following example:

    swipe="handleSwipe" ... >
        text="Approve Item"
        press="handleApprove" />

And in the controller:

handleSwipe: function(e) {   // register swipe event
        var oSwipeListItem = e.getParameter("listItem"),    // get swiped list item from event
            oSwipeContent = e.getParameter("swipeContent"); // get swiped content from event

        // Check swiped list item if it is already approved or not
        if ("approved")) {    
            // List item is approved, change swipeContent(button) text to Disapprove and type to Reject
        } else  {
            // List item is not approved, change swipeContent(button) text to Approve and type to Accept

Swipe events can be cancelled. The built-in controls which are working with swipe left events like Switch or Slider cancel a swipe event by default. If you also want to disable swipe events for your custom use case, you can call the preventDefault method of the event object. This is shown in the following example:

handleSwipe : function(e) {
         // get which control inside the list item fired swipe event
        var oSrcControl = e.getParameter("srcControl");

        // check if the event is coming from Input
        if (oSrcControl instanceof sap.m.Input) {
            e.preventDefault();   // cancel swipe