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Several new or changed features are available with UI theme designer 1.2.

Custom LESS and CSS Support (Changed)
The CSS tab, which allows manual CSS editing, is now also active for Unified Rendering.

Moreover, custom LESS is now supported in addition to native CSS. For example, you can reference base theme parameters and overwrite their value.

Note that you now have to select Apply to activate any changes you have made in the CSS tab.

Theme Maintanance Features (Changed)
The following functions are now available on the initial screen of the UI theme designer:
  • Copy custom theme
  • Rename custom theme
  • Rebuild custom theme
  • Delete custom theme
RTL Support (New)
The UI theme designer is now able to generate style sheets for both left-to-right and right-to-left languages. Note that the support of RTL is dependent on the SAP theme you used as the base of your theme. For more information, see SAP Note 1852400 Information published on SAP site.
Usability Improvements (New)
The following usability improvements are available:
  • You can now compare your current version of a custom theme not only with the theme on which it is based but also with the last published version. The additional view Last Version is displayed when a custom theme was already published.
  • You can now reset the value of a theme parameter to the value last saved. Before, it was only possible to reset to the original value.
  • Applications added for the preview can be removed.
  • A Reload button is now available to reload the application that is displayed in the preview area.
  • On the initial screen, an info page is now displayed for each SAP theme and for each custom theme including the following information: SAP standard theme on which the theme is based (e.g. SAP Corbu), vendor (e.g. SAP), text direction (RTL, LTR, or both)
Performance Improvements (New)
The performance of the UI theme designer was improved, for example by asynchronous file accesses. In addition, a progress indicator is now displayed for long accesses (e.g. publishing themes).
UI Changes
The following changes have been made to the UI theme designer user interface:
  • The text in the Theme menu was changed from Publish to Save and Build.
  • The Save Draft function is no longer available and will be replaced by a similar feature at a later point in time. If you want to continue using themes saved as draft, you need to publish them before you upgrade to the new version of the UI theme designer. Otherwise, they will not be offered in the theme list on the intial screen.

For an overview of all new features and solved issues, see SAP Note 1941092 Information published on SAP site.