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What's New in SAP Fiori Launchpad DesignerLocate this document in the navigation structure

Several new or changed features are available for SAP Fiori launchpad designer.

Identifying the Newest Target Mapping (New)

When creating a target mapping, you can now view similar target mappings across all the catalogs in the system, to make sure that the most updated version of a target mapping is being used as the target.

For more information, see Identify the Newest Target Mapping.

Configuring the Personalization Option for Groups (New)

When creating or editing a group, an administrator can enable or disable the personalization of a group for all end users. For groups that were created before this release, personalization is enabled by default.

For more information, see Creating or Removing Groups and Editing Groups.

Adding Tile Navigation Actions (New)

In the configuration view of Static and Dynamic App Launcher tiles, a new table, Tile Actions, was added. In this table, the administrator can add multiple tile navigation actions, where the target type is either a URL or an intent.

For more information, see Static App Launcher Tiles and Dynamic App Launcher Tiles.