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The server runtime for SAP NetWeaver user interface (UI) services is an ABAP-based back-end component providing services that can be consumed by various types of application shells.

The server runtime provides capabilities to transfer user and system information as well as navigation menus to the UI client, to resolve navigation links, render service maps and much more. In addition, the new server runtime continues to provide support for the functionality available with the server runtime version 3.5 of SAP NetWeaver Business Client.

The server runtime for SAP NetWeaver UI services has the following capabilities:

  • It provides a release-independent way to quickly deliver new features like theming capabilities to your system landscape.

  • It allows for improved maintenance of NWBC configuration parameters in Customizing using transaction /UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUST.

  • It supports the existing side panel tagging configuration for an easy migration to the newer server runtime.


To ensure you can deploy the latest developments in your system (for example, adopting new features with SAP NWBC 5.0 for Desktop or consuming new UIs based on SAPUI5 and SAP Gateway together with NWBC), you need to connect to the server runtime for SAP NetWeaver UI services.

SAP NetWeaver UI services are only supported for SAP NWBC 4.0 for Desktop or higher and NWBC 3.6 for HTML when you connect to the server runtime for SAP NetWeaver UI services.

The following diagram illustrates the current use case for the server runtime for UI services:

The JavaScript API allows you to develop an application shell with a menu tree. You define the structure of this menu tree in Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG). For this use case and for SAP NWBC 4.0 for Desktop or higher, the program type Launchpad Reference in PFCG is supported. This allows you to maintain the technical details for an application once in launchpad Customizing, and reference it from multiple PFCG roles.

UI Services Runtime