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Procedure for Development in Correction PhaseLocate this document in the navigation structure

For applications in the correction phase, development has to conduct an additional step when performing text changes.

An additional task is required in the correction system for the table entries of the SAPUI5 text repository. the classification of this task must be set to 'Repair'. If there is double maintenace, the changes should only be submitted to the SAPUI5 repository in one system and then be applied to the other (correction) system via the Software Correction Workbench, transaction code SCWB). As the SCWB does not support table entries, execute the /UI5/TEXT_FILE_SAP_UPDATEreport after applying the request with SCWB.

Use the following import parameter for the report:

  • Name of the application

  • Path of the property file which contains added or changed texts

    The path is only required if the application contains more than one single property file. You can copy the path directly frm the ABAP workbench.

Changed texts are then updated automatically in the text repository.

For new texts, a dialog box appears asking for a GUID for that text. Enter the original GUID of the text element from the system where the text has been originally created. You can find this GUID the /UI5/TREP_TEXT table in the PROP_TEXT_GUID attribute. This ensures key consistency and avoids duplicate elements later on.

If a note for customers is created, the same steps have to be performed at customer site: The note should contain a step by step description for the customer:

  • Manual steps to perform after the note is applied:

  • Execution of report /UI5/TEXT_FILE_SAP_UPDATE

  • Name of the application and property file which contains changed text elements

  • For each new text element:

    The name (key) of the text element from the property file and the corresponding GUID of that text element from table /UI5/TREP_TEXT in the original SAP system.

As the translated text elements will come to the customer system only with the next support package, the customer needs to translate the new SAPUI5 text elements in transaction SE63 beforehand, if required.