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The SAP Smart Business modeler apps are a set of SAP Fiori apps that you use to create and manage SAP Smart Business entities.

Smart Business entities allow your company to define, manage, and leverage consistent KPIs across all your business apps (for example, reporting tools, dashboards, and custom-built apps).

The SAP Smart Business modeler apps are as follows:

  • Create KPI
  • Create Evaluation
  • Manage KPI Authorizations
  • Configure KPI Tiles
  • Configure KPI Drill-Down
  • Manage KPI Associations
  • KPI Workspace
  • Migration Tool
Note To facilitate hands-on understanding of the SAP Smart Business in the absence of productive SAP HANA content, Smart Business allows you to create sets of sample data. To create a set of sample data, you have to launch the KPI Workspace modeler app with a URL parameter. For more information, see KPI Workspace.