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You may encounter certain errors even after having follow all of the above steps. Here is a list of some common errors encountered with possible reasons and solutions for the same.

Table 1: Error: Chip Does Not Appear in the Catalog Possible Reason Checks Possible Solution
1 The URL pointing to the XML-file containing the CHIP metadata is not correct.
  1. Call transaction /UI2/CHIP.
  2. The checkbox Exists in Catalog Cache is not set.
  1. Call transaction /UI2/CHIP (for systems running on UI AddOn SP04).
  2. Enter name of CHIP without the provider name, for example /UI2/TEST_CHIP_0. Choose using the input help button.
  3. Choose the Check button in the menu toolbar of the screen.
2 Chip may have errors.
  1. Call transaction SE16.
  2. Display table /UI2/CHIP_CHDR.
  3. In field CHIP_NAME, specify the CHIP name, for example, X-SAP-UI2-CHIP:/UI2/TEST_CHIP_0.
  4. The CHIP provider field is empty.
2 possible solutions:
  • Synchronize the catalog cache by executing program /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE.
  • See SAP Note 1759544 Information published on SAP site: Erroneous UI2 CHIP not shown in catalog. This is applicable if your SAP NetWeaver release is below SP06.
3 Verify if the CHIP is created.
  1. Call the Page Builder Configuration Service and check whether the CHIP is found in the default catalog /UI2/CATALOG_ALL. The URL format is: http://<host>:<port>/sap/opu/odata/UI2/PAGE_BUILDER_CONF?sap-language=EN&sap-ds-debug=true
  2. Choose the collection Catalogs.
  3. Choose the collection Catalogs('%2FUI2%2FCATALOG_ALL')/Chips - /UI2/ is escaped.
  4. Search for your CHIP.
  • If you find the CHIP here but it does not exist in your catalog then refer to reason 5: CHIP parameters do not exist in the catalog cache.
  • If you did not find the CHIP, refer to reason 5: CHIP does not exist in default /UI2/CATALOG_ALL or in the catalog cache.
4 CHIP does not exist in default /UI2/CATALOG_ALL or in the catalog cache.  
  1. Call transaction SE16.
  2. Open table /UI2/CHIP_CHDR.
  3. In field CHIP_NAME specify the CHIP name, for example, X-SAP-UI2-CHIP:/UI2/TEST_CHIP_0.
  4. There might be 2 possibilities:
    1. If the CHIP does not exist in the table, synchronize the catalog cache using program /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE.
    2. If the CHIP exists in the table, check its parameters in the catalog cache. See reason 5: CHIP parameters do not exist in the catalog cache.
5 CHIP parameters do not exist in the catalog cache.   Look up the CHIP ID (GUID) in the table /UI2/CHIP_CPARA. Contact the administrator if you cannot find any CHIP parameters.
Table 2: Other Errors
Error Possible Reason Possible Solution
CHIP texts are not translated CHIPs displayed in the lanes page builder are not displayed with the correct texts. Logon to the ABAP server (where the UI add-on is installed) that hosts the CHIP metadata in the language with the missing texts, and run the report /UI2/CHIP_SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE.
Personalization corrupt Blank CHIPs might sometimes appear during runtime.
  1. Go to the page administration URL: https://<host>:<port>/sap/public/bc/ui2/page-administration/main.html.
  2. Select Personalization from the Scope dropdown list.
  3. Delete the page from the Personalization scope.
  4. Go back to the landing page and start adding CHIPs.
Content not appearing in the CHIP The content is not properly rendered. Choose the browser refresh icon; CHIPs will be re-rendered.
Overlapping of lanes Some CHIPs might overlap while rearranging them. Refresh the page.
Rearrangement of CHIPs and wallpaper selected are not saved While rearranging the CHIPs or selecting a new wallpaper, you receive the error message The changes will not be visible on refresh. Refresh the page.
Changes are not reflected on the page builder or admin page even after a note is applied to the system Even after a note is applied, the changes are not reflected when running the page builder or admin page. Clear the browser cache and reload the page.
The landing page is not available when upgraded to UI2_731_SP03. The landing page opens with the following error: Your landing page is currently unavailable. Please try later or contact your system administrator.   Clear the cache in the Gateway system. Follow the steps below to do so:
  1. Open transaction SPRO.
  2. Go to SAP Reference IMG.
  3. Clear cache in Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP Customizing Implementation Guide Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver  Next navigation step Gateway Next navigation step Cache Settings Next navigation step Metadata  Next navigation step Clear Cache End of the navigation path.
Error in OData response for GET method.

Details: No service found for namespace /UI2, name PAGE_BUIDLER_CONF, version 00001.

Missing ICF node UI2 in SP04. Activate the service in Gateway. This will get you the UI2 node.

Follow the path to activate the service: Start of the navigation path Default host  Next navigation step SAP  Next navigation step OPU  Next navigation step UI2 End of the navigation path.