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Several new or changed features are available with UI theme designer 1.6.

Delta Filter (New)

In the Expert tab, you can now choose to display changed parameters only.

Tag Filter (Changed)

The tag filter now uses an AND instead of an OR logic. Therefore, selecting additional tags restricts the list of parameters displayed rather than extending it.

Usability Improvements (New)

The following usability improvements are available for the parameter list:

  • In the Quick tab, a checkbox is now displayed for boolean values.
  • The current color value is displayed as a tooltip of the color swatch.
  • The calculated value is displayed in the callout that appears when hovering over a parameter name.
  • The search in the Expert tab was changed to a live search. The list of displayed expert parameters is updated once you enter a new character in the search field.
Configuration for Administration Service (New)

/sap/bc/theming is an administration service and should therefore run under a different port than productive applications (service /sap/public/bc/themes). Admins can now configure a different port to access these two services. Due to browser security restrictions, however, applications that should be used as preview applications also need to run on the same port as service /sap/bc/theming.