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The Suite Page Builder (SPB) is a UI development toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5) applications that acts as a framework to run Collaborative Human Interface Parts (CHIPs). A CHIP is an SAPUI5 application that adheres to specific binding contracts that the SPB defines.

The Suite Page Builder can be configured using the SPB Administrator Page that provides the CHIP and catalog configuration features.

The following icons are used in the Suite Page Builder User Interface:

Table 1: Suite Page Buildenterface
Icon Name Description
Settings Icon Settings Used to change the settings
Photo Upload Photo Upload Used to open the background image settings
Refresh Refresh Used to refresh the screen
Flag Icon Flag Used to indicate that the catalog is in draft mode and has not yet been assigned to a PFCG role.
Edit SPB Edit Used to edit the title of the page and the title of the CHIP.
Accept Icon Accept Used to accept the changes made to the title of the page or title of the CHIP.
Decline Icon Decline When used in reference to the CHIP, it is used to delete the CHIP from the home page.

When used in reference to edit, this is used to decline the changes made to the title of the page or title of the CHIP.

Full Screen Mode Full Screen Mode Used to switch to full screen mode.
Back to Home Page Back to Home Page When in full screen mode, it is used to navigate back to the home page.
Page Related Actions Page Related Actions Used to reset personalization of a page by the administrator
Reset Personalization Reset Personalization Used to reset personalizationa of a page by the end user


The Suite Page Builder has the following main features:

  • It supports CHIPs of varying rectangular dimensions.
  • It is aware of the roles of the logon user and displays catalogs accordingly.
  • It supports the personalization of layout and background image.

Suite Page Builder Personalization Settings

To change settings, choose the Settings Icon icon in the toolbar.

You can personalize the following settings:

  • Decide which chips you want to see - The CHIPs are grouped by catalog and the catalogs appear only if they are linked to your role. You can access the CHIPs that belong to the various roles for which you have authorization. You can build the landing page from this CHIP library. You can also remove the CHIPs directly from the Landing Page.
  • Change the name of the CHIPs and pages - You can change the CHIP and page names by using the Change icon.
  • Change background image - You can change the background image. The administrator uploads the images. An end user can select from one of the background images that are provided by the page administrator.