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Several new and changed features are available with SAP Fiori launchpad.

Personalizing the Home Page
Clicking Personalize home page now enables users to perform most of the personalization actions for the home page. In action mode users can now:
  • Move tiles within a group or from one group to another

  • Add tiles

  • Create new groups

  • Rename groups directly on the home page

  • Move groups to a different location on the page

  • Delete and reset groups

For more information, see Personalizing the Home Page and Managing Groups.

Integration of Custom Ticket Systems (New)
An end user can create a support ticket from the launchpad. By default, SAP Solution Manager is used as the ticket processing system. It is now possible to integrate custom ticket systems into the launchpad.

For more information, see Configuring the Option to Contact Support Via a Custom Ticket System.

Cleanup of Expired Application State (New)
A new program /UIF/CLEAN_LREP is now available to cleanup application states.

In Customizing, you can schedule a background job to run the cleanup program periodically.

For more information, see Cleanup of Expired Application State.
Logging Errors with Navigation Target Resolution (Changed)
The performance of the navigation link resolution was improved. To achieve this, the Fiori Launchpad Intent Analysis (transaction /UI2/FLIA) is no longer called directly when the resolution fails. Instead, a log is written in the Application Log (transaction SLG1) and a message containing an application log ID is displayed on the client. You can use this log number for a detailed error analysis in the back end.

For more information, see Message Logging for Launchpad and Launchpad Designer and Intent Resolution.

Authorization Role for Administrators (Changed)
A new composite authorization role SAP_UI2_ADMIN is available. This role contains the following release-dependent roles:
  • SAP_UI2_ADMIN_700 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0
  • SAP_UI2_ADMIN_702 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 enhancement package 2
  • SAP_UI2_ADMIN_731 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 enhancement package 3 and SAP NetWeaver 7.3 enhancement package 1
For more information, see Configuring Roles with Launchpad Start Authorizations.
Launchpad Content Checks (Changed)
The selection screen of the report Fiori Launchpad Checks (transaction /UI2/FLC) was enhanced. You can now enter the following additional criteria to filter the result list:
  • Software component
  • Catalog ID

The result list now also displays the configuration ID of Web Dynpro component /UI2/ADAPTATION_PAGE. Translators need to provide this configuration ID in transaction SE63 to translate the text of custom tiles, catalogs, or group titles.

For more information, see Checking Launchpad Content and Translating Tiles, Catalogs, and Groups in the Customizing Layer.
Theming SAP Fiori Launchpad (Changed)

The launchpad is now one of the default applications available in the UI theme designer when customizing a theme.

For more information about the UI theme designer, seeUI Theme Designer.

Locked Groups (Changed)

Locked groups are now displayed at the top of the launchpad, above the My Home group. You cannot move locked groups.

For more information, see Personalizing the Home Page.

Cache Buster (Changed)

The cache buster for SAP Fiori apps has been enhanced as follows:

  • The system can now generate specific cache buster tokens for single SAP Fiori apps.

    As a result, the browser only reloads those applications that have been updated on the server.

  • Cache invalidation can be done automatically.

    You no longer need to run a program manually after a software update. Instead, you must schedule the program Calculation of SAPUI5 Application Index for SAPUI5 Repositories (/UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE) to run at regular intervals. This program calculates the SAPUI5 application index based on the current content of the SAPUI5 repositories. The SAP Fiori launchpad uses the SAPUI5 application index to identify which applications have been updated.

For more information, see Cache Buster for SAP Fiori, SAPUI5 Application Index and SAP note 2043432 Information published on SAP site.

Preview in 'Save as Tile' (Changed)

When users save an app as a tile, the tile preview is now updated as the user enters the details.

For more information, see Saving an SAP Fiori App as a Tile.
Extending the Launchpad

APIs are provided to enable adding items to the User Preferences dialog box, adding a title to the shell header, and enabling the data loss protection mechanism.

For more information, see Extending the Launchpad.