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Setting Up the OAuth ClientLocate this document in the navigation structure

In this step, you register your application as an OAuth client in SAP Jam.


You have to register each application that you want to use for each SAP system and client.


  1. Log in to Jam as a company admin.
  2. From the Admin menu, choose OAuth Clients.
  3. On the OAuth Clients screen, choose Add OAuth Client.
  4. On the Register a new OAuth Client screen, complete the fields as follows:
    Field Value

    Enter the application name (provider name plus application ID DEFAULT), following the naming convention defined in transaction CLB2_APPLI_PLATF (see Defining Server Settings):



    The name must not be longer than 255 characters. There are no special requirements for the format of the name, blanks are allowed.

    In the back end, this application is linked with the application you specify there. We recommend that you reference the back-end application – but you may have to consider multi-tenant or cross-system scenarios.

    Integration URL Enter your company domain.
    Example This can be a link to the homepage of your company or an application:


    X509 Certificate (Base64)
    • To use RSA-SHA1 signatures for calls in the application context, paste the SSF certificate into the text box. This is the base64-encoded file you saved as described in Issuing Certificates for SSF CLBOAU.
    • If you leave this field blank, SAP Jam supplies a consumer secret as the result – with it, you can use either PLAINTEXT or RSA-HMAC instead of RSA-SHA1.
  5. Save your entries.
  6. To display the details of the OAuth client that you just created, click the View link of your OAuth client.
    Note The details include the Consumer Key. Copy the key as you need it later for the procedure in Defining Application Settings.


You have registered your application as an OAuth client in SAP Jam.