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Creating Alias for ICF Node with SAP Corbu Logon ScreenLocate this document in the navigation structure

Process how to create an alias for ICF node.

To create an alias for the ui5_ui5 ICF node with an SAP Corbu logon screen (available with version 7.31 and higher), proceed as follows:

  1. In the ABAP Suite system, call transaction SICF and choose Execute (F8).
  2. Choose External Aliases (Shift+F6)
  3. Select the host, for example default_host, and choose Create New External Alias (F5).
  4. Enter a name in the External Alias field. The name must start with a slash, for example /ui5.
  5. On the Trg Element tab, double-click the target handler /default_host/sap/bc/ui5_ui5 .
  6. On the Error Page tab, select the Logon Errors tab, then System Logon, and choose Configuration.
  7. In the System Logon Configuration dialog, choose Define Service-Specific Settings.
  8. Under Select Display, select the fields that are to be displayed on the logon screen; these are generally System ID, Client, and Language.
  9. Under Logon Layout and Procedure and SAP Implementation, select Signature Design for Screen and SAP Corbu for Theme.
  10. If you choose Adjust Links and Images, you have the option under Adjustment of the Logon Page to specify the URLs for the images you want to use instead of the standard images.
  11. Choose Input (Enter) to confirm the selection.
  12. Choose Save (Ctrl+S) to save the new alias.

For information on the ICF, see: