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To be able to use the UI theme designer, several prerequisites must be met.

SAP Notes
Implement SAP note 1852401 Information published on SAP site.
ICF Nodes
  • Activate the following Internet Communication Framework (ICF) service nodes:

    • /sap/public/bc/themes
    • /sap/bc/theming

    To perform this step, launch IMG activity Activate ICF service for UI theme designer. You access the IMG activity in the SAP Customizing Implementation Guide by choosing Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step UI Technologies Next navigation step UI Theme Designer Next navigation step Maintain Custom Themes Next navigation step Activate ICF service for UI theme designer End of the navigation path.

  • To be able to use the SAPUI5 and NWBC preview pages, the following ICF services must be activated:
    • /sap/bc/ui5_demokit
    • /sap/public/bc/ui2

For write access to the UI theme designer (create, update, delete themes), you must be assigned the following authorization object:

  • Authorization object: /UI5/THEME
  • ACTVT (Activity): 02 (Change)
  • /UI5/THMID (Theme Id): * = all themes

Administrators can assign the relevant authorization objects to specific users using transaction Role Maintanance (PFCG).

Browser Support

The following browsers are supported:

Browser Version Supported Operating Systems
Google Chrome (recommended) Latest version Windows 7 and successor versions
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10 or higher Windows 7 and successor versions
Mozilla Firefox Latest version Windows 7 and successor versions
Since themes are client-specific, the client you use to start the UI theme designer must be the same as the client of the theme repository. In addition, both need to run on the same server.