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This section describes the new and changed features for the user interface add-on 1.0 SPS 05 for SAP NetWeaver.

SAP NetWeaver User Interface Services

The following enhancements have been made in the documentation for SAP NetWeaver user interface services:

  • Creating a Minimalist Page Builder: This code example has been updated and simplified. The shell.js script is included before the SAPUI5 bootstrap, and all other required scripts are loaded using the SAPUI5 function

    For more information, see Creating a Minimalist Page Builder.

  • Using SAP NetWeaver User Interface Services in SAPUI5 Applications: A new code example shows how to run an SAPUI5 application in a shell using settings originating from the back-end system (such as language, date, time and number formats, and theme) for the user who is currently logged on.

    For more information, see Using SAP NetWeaver User Interface Services in SAPUI5 Applications.

SAP NetWeaver Business Client

The following enhancements have been made in the documentation for SAP NetWeaver Business Client:

Usability and Productivity

  • Validation of transaction codes entered in the quick launch

    When the user enters a transaction code without prefix, the system validates if the transaction exists in the user menu or in the back end. Only if this check is positive, is the transaction started when the user presses ENTER. You can disable the validation by selecting the Start Transaction Without Validation Check checkbox in the personalization settings.

    For more information, see Personalization Settings.

  • “Start transaction” expert mode

    In addition to the transaction code prefixes “/n” and “/o”, you can use “/t” to launch a transaction in a new tab.

    For more information, see Direct Actions.

  • Selecting a work center on the new tab page or a folder in the navigation panel takes the user to the first available page in the underlying navigation menu (NWBC 3.5-like behavior).

  • Close Other Tabs function in the context menu for a tab


  • Administrators can hide system connections from end users that would otherwise appear in the system selector and system connections dialog windows. You set this option in the administrator configuration in file NWBCOptions.xml and it is documented in the XML template NWBCOptions.xml.template.

  • Administrators can assign centrally maintained client configuration to specific users, for example, system connections, by deploying the NwbcRemoteOptions.xml file to %APPDATA%\SAP\NWBC.


The server runtime for SAP NetWeaver UI services supports launchpad references in Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG).

SAP Visual Business

SAP Visual Business 2.1 is shipped as part of the UI add-on 1.0 SPS 05.

For more information, see What's New in SAP Visual Business.