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Several new or changed features are available for APF.

Insight to Action (New)

APF-based applications now allow for a context-sensitive navigation to other applications, for example, transactional Fiori apps or other analytical apps. When you navigate to another application from an analysis path, the application hands over the context of the path to the new application. This includes filters set in all analysis steps up to the active one. You can also navigate back to the original application, where the analysis path is then reloaded.

You can configure the navigation targets for insight to action using the APF Configuration Modeler.

For more information, see Creating Navigation Targets.

Predefined Step for Application Launch (New)

You can define that a specific analysis step and representation are immediately opened when launching an APF-based application.

For more information, see Configuring the Smart Business KPI Tile and Configuring the Fiori App Launcher Tile.

Assignment of Analysis Steps to Categories (Changed)

You can now assign an analysis step to multiple categories. The order of the steps can be defined for each category individually.

For more information, see Creating Steps.

Filter Mapping (Changed)

Filter mapping can now be configured using the APF Configuration Modeler.

For more information, see Creating Steps.

Sorting in Representation According to Several Properties (New)

You can define that more than one property is applied to a chart as sorting criterion.

For more information, see Creating Representations.

Representation Icons in APF Configuration Modeler (New)

In the tree structure of the APF Configuration Modeler, representations now have an icon indicating the chart type.

List of Selected Values in Active Analysis Step (New)

In an APF-based application, you can click the number of selected values in the active analysis step to get a list of the values you have selected.

Charting Library (Changed)

The predefined representation types shipped with APF are now implemented using the VizFrame charting library (sap.viz.ui5.controls.VizFrame).

For more information, see Predefined Representation Types.