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Several new or changed features are available with SAP Fiori launchpad.

Automated Configuration (New)

In SAP NetWeaver 7.4, an automated base-line configuration on the front-end server for the SAP Fiori launchpad and designer is available.

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Overwriting the System Alias for the Target Application (New)

You can overwrite the system alias for the target application using the sap-system parameter for Web Dynpro applications, SAP GUI for HTML transactions, and SAPUI5 Fiori apps.

For more information, see Overwriting the System Alias for the Target Application.

Translating Custom Tiles, Catalogs, and Groups (Changed)

You translate the text of your custom tiles, catalogs, or group titles in the SAP Fiori launchpad using the standard SAP translation tools (transaction SE63).

For more information, see Translating Tiles, Catalogs, and Groups in the Customizing Layer.

Performance Improvements (Changed)

Performance was improved in the following areas:

  • Navigation target resolution for initial (non-cached) requests.
  • Home page rendering when reading the complete (cached) home page.
  • Drag and drop actions in the home page, on Windows 8 and on Android tablet devices.
  • Loading of tiles in the tile catalog, including the initial load time and the load time when scrolling.
New Visual Design (Changed)
The launchpad has a new visual design. This includes the following:
  • New background - a new darker background replaces the previously-used light background.
  • Tile opacity - tiles are displayed in varying degrees of opacity according to the usage of the apps; frequently-used apps visually stand out in comparison to less frequently-used apps, which are more transparent.
  • Header bar changes:
    • A search icon replaces the search field.
    • A user photo is displayed when SAP Jam is in the landscape, and the user has a photo defined. Otherwise, an avatar is displayed.
    • The user name is displayed.
Improved UI of Tile Catalog (Changed)

The user interface of the tile catalog has been improved. The group panel has been removed. Instead, from each tile you can open a dialog that lists all the existing groups, and you can add the tile to, or remove the tile from the groups in the list. You can also create a new group, and add the tile to this group as well.

For more information, see Adding Tiles to Groups Using the Tile Catalog.

Tiles Filtered According to Device Type (Changed)

Tiles are now filtered according to the device types for which they are suitable, so that each device shows only tiles that are supported on that device. The supported device types (desktop, tablet, phone) are configured in the launchpad designer, when configuring the target mapping.

For more information, see Configuring Target Mappings.

Contact Support (Changed)

It is now possible to create an incident in SAP Solution Manager from any error message by using the Contact Support button.

Accessibility Improvements (Changed)
In the home page, additional keyboard actions are now available, including:
  • F6 - move between the header bar, the group panel, and the home page.
  • Arrow keys - move between the tiles in a group.
  • Ctrl + arrow keys - move a tile in a group.
  • Delete - delete a group or a tile.
  • Page Up/Page Down - move to the first tile of the previous group or of the following group.
  • Home/End - move between the first tile and the last tile on the home page.
Running a Standalone Application (New)

It is now possible to run an application in a standalone mode by specifying the application directly without referencing a configuration in an ABAP system. This is done by using the intent Shell-runStandaloneApp with parameters specifying the SAPUI5 component and the URL of the application.

For more information, see Running an Application Standalone.

Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal (New)
To enable running Fiori apps in SAP Enterprise Portal using the shell, the following modes were added:
  • embedded - displays only the Options icon in the header bar. The following elements are not displayed: logo, search icon, user photo, and user name.
  • headerless - no header bar is displayed.
Documentation Structure (Changed)

Some changes were made to the documentation structure, including reordering the top level topics to reflect the work flow, and renaming some topics to improve clarity and consistency.