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Text elements have attributes, such as type and maximum field length.

Text Type

Each text element must have a text type assignment. Text types can be, for example, XBUT for button texts, XFLD for field labels, or XTXT for general texts. A list of the various possible text types is provided below.

Maximum Field Length

The optional maximum text length information can be provided directly after the text type, separated by a comma. The maximum text length must be higher than the original text length and must never exceed 255.

To support a proper translatability of the text, the developer should set an appropriate maximum text length according to the following rules:

  • Source text length < 8 characters : max. text length: multiply by 5, min. 12 characters

  • Source text length between 8 and 30 characters: max. text length: multiply by 3

  • Source text length > 31 characters: max. text length: multiply by 1.5

If possible, the maximum text length should always be significantly higher than the original text length.

Additional Context Information

An optional additional comment is provided for the translator, separated by a colon.