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Simplified System Landscape Configuration Using an ABAP SMI Hub (New)

SAP Jam integration involving multiple systems can be simple when your back-end systems connect to SAP Jam indirectly through one central system, the ABAP SMI hub. As the direct connection to SAP Jam for the central system is already fully configured, the ABAP SMI hub configuration option results in simplified configuration for the systems that call SAP Jam through the hub. We recommend that you set up one system in your system landscape as the ABAP SMI hub.

Example For SAP Fiori, this can be the ABAP front-end server.

For more information, see Architecture and Configuration Flow.

Sharing Business Objects for SAP Fiori Fact Sheets (New)

You can now share business object information in SAP Jam from SAP Fiori fact sheets. The standard configuration for the Share Business Object feature applies. For more information, see Enabling Collaboration Components and SAP Note 2103065 Information published on SAP site.

Exporting Configuration Information for SAP Fiori Fact Sheets to SAP Jam (New)

For the Share Business Object feature, report RCBN_SMI_DATA_EXPORT now provides a semi-automated process for transferring information for SAP Fiori fact sheets from the ABAP launchpad (basis for the SAP Fiori launchpad) in the SAP Gateway system to SAP Jam. The report generates a JSON file containing information that is required to set up external objects (or records) in SAP Jam. You can import this file into your external application in SAP Jam, which means that you do not have to enter the information separately for each record (business object) type if you share multiple business object types in SAP Jam.

For more information about using the report as part of enabling business object sharing for fact sheets, see the following:

Discuss Dialog Component (Enhanced)
The Discuss Dialog component has been enhanced to use the OData service registry to map from an internal to external service. If you are using this component and upgrade to the UI add-on for SAP NetWeaver SPS11, additional configuration tasks are required (see Enabling Collaboration Components).
Example SAP CRM My Accounts now uses this enhanced component.
Share Dialog and Discuss Dialog Components (Changed)

The Share Dialog and Discuss Dialog components have been enhanced to include support for cases in which service mapping is not found by the service registry API when a user attempts to use the Share or Discuss feature. If this happens, the system assumes that the application does not require mapping and is using the service configured in SAP Jam. If the attempt to share or discuss is still unsuccessful, an error message appears.

Deprecation of Technical Elements (Changed)
The following have been deprecated:
  • Stand-alone Share component
  • Stand-alone Discuss component
    Note The Share Dialog and Discuss Dialog components are still available for integration.
  • OData service SM_INTEGRATION_SRV (replaced by SM_INTEGRATION_V2_SRV)
    If you are using SM_INTEGRATION_SRV, do the following:
    1. Set up the REST tunnel (see Configuring REST Tunnel).
    2. Activate service SM_INTEGRATION_V2_SRV (see Activating the OData Services).