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Several new or changed features are available with UI theme designer 1.10.

Custom CSS for NWBC (New)

You can now also add custom CSS for NWBC themes.

See Adding Custom LESS and CSS.

Preview Pages (New)
The following additional preview pages are now available in the Add Target Content section:
  • SAP Fiori launchpad
  • FPM Overview Page
  • FPM Search Page
Parameter Search (Changed)
The search for Expert parameters was simplified. You have the following additional options:
  • UI element highlighting

    A visualisation of the Expert parameters is now available. If you select a parameter in the Expert view, the UI elements that are affected by this parameter are highlighted in the preview area.

  • CSS search

    With the CSS search option in the Expert pane, you can search for parameters used in CSS rules.

See Finding the Relevant Expert Parameters (Experimental).

Usability Improvements
  • Properties Dialog (New)

    After you have saved a custom theme, it is now possible to edit its title or the name of the vendor. You can call the Properties dialog from the start screen or by choosing Start of the navigation path Theme Next navigation step Properties End of the navigation path in the menu bar of the main screen.

  • Persistence of Target Pages (New)

    The target pages (application previews and control previews) that you have added in your last UI theme designer session are now saved and loaded automatically when you open a new session.

  • Help Menu on Start Screen (New)

    The Help menu providing a link to the online help and information on the current UI theme designer version can now also be opened from the start screen.

  • Display of Target Pages List (Changed)

    The display of the target pages list was changed.

For an overview of all new features and solved issues per patch, see