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Sending Notifications to SAP JamLocate this document in the navigation structure

Collaboration platforms (external service providers) such as SAP Jam can be used as feed aggregators that consolidate information that is important for a business user from different resources in one place. This section describes how to use ABAP Social Media Integration (ABAP SMI) to configure the distribution of notifications to SAP Jam.

The Sending Notifications scenario as described in the following sections focuses on the integration of SAP Jam as the service provider, based on change documents originating from ABAP-based business applications. This applies to applications:

  • Delivered by SAP
  • Developed by customers

SAP Gateway services are used as follows:

  • To maintain subscriptions for the relevant business object types or entity sets
  • To perform callbacks from SAP Jam to the back-end system

Note that the consumption model (OData model implementation) specific to the Business Suite component is installed in the Business Suite system.

You can run the SAP Gateway components as follows:

  • On a separate instance
  • As part of the application system's SAP NetWeaver stack
Target Audience

This information is intended for system administrators working on the integration of SAP Jam with a customer’s on-premise SAP application landscape.


Before you start with the configuration activities described in this section, you must have done the following:

  • You have licensed an SAP Jam Enterprise edition and your SAP Jam instance is ready for productive use.
  • To use ABAP SMI as the notification publisher, you have installed the UI add-on for SAP NetWeaver on the back-end system that contains the notification trigger.
  • You have configured the connection from your back-end system to SAP Jam, or you have configured the REST tunnel to redirect to the SAP Gateway server where you have configured the connection to SAP Jam (see Connecting to SAP Jam with ABAP SMI).
  • You have installed the systems and components and applied the SAP Notes as described in Implementation of ABAP Social Media Integration (ABAP SMI).
  • You have applied SAP Note 2139218 Information published on SAP site.
Important Transactions

The following table lists the transactions you should be familiar with when performing the configuration steps for sending notifications to SAP Jam.

Note Make sure that you have the appropriate authorizations.

Transactions in SAP Back-End Systems

Transaction Code Description
SAP Gateway System  
/IWFND/ERROR_LOG SAP Gateway: Error Log
/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE Activate and Maintain Services
SAML2 SAML 2.0 Configuration
SOAUTH2 OAuth 2.0 Configuration
SAP Business Suite System  
CLB2_PLATF Service Provider Settings
CLB2_APPLI_PLATF Application Settings
CLB2_GW_SRV_C ABAP SMI Service Registry
SBGRFCCONF bgRFC System Configuration
SE16 Data Browser


Events for Change Documents

SAP Gateway and SAP Business Suite systems  


Define Services

SE38 Execute reports


Analyze Application Log

SM59 Configuration of RFC Connections
SPRO Implementation Guide Customizing
SM30/SM31 View Maintenance
SU01 User Maintenance

For more information about these transactions, see the relevant documentation in your SAP system.