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The Analysis Step GalleryLocate this document in the navigation structure

When the user clicks Add Analysis Step, the analysis step gallery is instantiated. For each step template, the analytical content configuration provides the title and the relevant categories.

The analysis step gallery displays all available analysis step templates in a hierarchical select dialog. This dialog first lists all available categories. The categories of the analysis step gallery are configured as category objects in the configuration file. The text key of a category object is used as the category title in the accordion of the analysis step gallery. The step object contains one or more category IDs to define the categories in which a particular step is displayed in the analysis step gallery.

When the user selects a category, all analysis steps available for this category are listed on the next level of the select dialog. On the final level, the representation types for the selected step are displayed.

For each analysis step template, the analysis step gallery displays a title, which is specified in the step object of the analytical content configuration file.

When the user selects an analysis step to add it to the analysis path, the analysis step gallery calls the createStepAndSetActive() API and adds the step to the analysis path as the active analysis step. The analysis step gallery is then closed and the getSteps API is called to get all analysis steps in the correct sequence.