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Analysis Path Framework (APF) ist now released for customers and partners to build their own APF-based applications.

Several new or changed features are available for APF.

APF Configuration Modeler (New)

APF now includes the APF Configuration Modeler app, which provides a graphical UI to configure or enhance APF-based applications. You can now create categories, analysis steps, representations, and facet filters in a convenient and easy way.

In addition, several configurations created in the APF Configuration Modeler can share one set of texts that are stored in a common text pool.

For more information, see APF Configuration Modeler.

Smart Business Integration (New)

You can now use APF-based applications as a drill-down option of a Smart Business KPI tile. The context of the KPI tile is handed over to the application. This allows a deeper analysis of the KPI value displayed on the tile.

To facilitate the configuration of an APF-based drill-down in Smart Business, a generic BSP application is available. In addition, a target mapping is shipped that points to this generic application. Its parameters are entered by default when you select APF as drill-down option for a Smart Business KPI tile.

For more information, see Configuring the Smart Business KPI Tile.

Extended Charting Capabilities (Changed)

You can now assign several dimensions to one axis of a chart.