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Configuring App Launcher TilesLocate this document in the navigation structure

To configure an app launcher tile, click the tile, then enter the following parameters:

Table 1: General Parameters
Parameter Description

The title to be displayed on the tile.


Choose Select Icon.

After you have selected an icon, the system inserts a URL starting with the sap-icon:// protocol.

These icons are based on SAPUI5 icon fonts. For more information, see Using Icon Font in SAPUI5.

Alternatively, you can manually enter a URL in any icon located on a Web server (starting with http:// or https://).

Info Text to be displayed at the bottom of the tile.
Number Unit

(dynamic app launcher tiles only)

Enter the unit to be displayed below the number, for example, USD.
Table 2: Dynamic Data (dynamic app lauchers only)
Parameter Description
Service URL URL of the OData service from which data should be read.

When the service is called, the values that are provided by the service override the values that have been configured manually in the tile details.

Note that the service is executed on the home page only. On the admin page, sample data is displayed instead.

Tip If you only want to read a number of entities dynamically from an OData service, and read all other content for the app launcher statically from the configuration, you can use the $count parameter in the service URL.
Refresh Interval Number of seconds after which dynamic content is read from the data source again and the display is refreshed.

The launch page uses a default of 10 seconds unless you enter a higher value in this field.

Table 3: Navigation Parameters
Parameter Description
Use Launchpad Deactivate this checkbox if you want to define the navigation target using a simple URL rather than a launchpad entry.
Note Transports of launchpads from higher SAP NetWeaver releases or enhancement packages to lower SAP NetWeaver releases or enhancement packages are currently not supported. If you are planning such transports, deactivate the Use Launchpad checkbox and enter a target URL.
Launchpad Role

Enter the data for a launchpad entry as defined in transaction LPD_CUST. This is the recommended option for launching most applications.

For more information on launchpad configuration, see SAP NetWeaver Library at Start of the navigation path Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Platform Next navigation step Application Help Next navigation step Function-oriented View Next navigation step Application Server Next navigation step Application Server ABAP Next navigation step UI Technologies in ABAP Next navigation step Launchpads End of the navigation path.

Note When entering the data for a launchpad entry, make sure you do not enter any leading or trailing space characters, as these can result in errors.
Launchpad Instance
Launchpad Alias
Target URL You can enter any URL, for example

Note that you have to provide a complete URL including the protocol (typically http:// or https://)