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Registering a CSR CHIP in a CatalogLocate this document in the navigation structure

You define and store a CSR CHIP in the back-end system. Then you register the CHIP in the Web Dynpro configuration so that it can be used in the page building service.



  1. Define the CHIP XML in an editor.
    Optional: Specify the parameters for a CHIP, for example /UI2/Tag and /UI2/BusinessObject. The tag Parameters is optional.
  2. Store the CHIP in the back-end system. The CHIP XML is stored in the MIME repository of the Object Navigator (transaction SE80).
  3. To register the CHIP in the CHIP catalog, go to transaction /UI2/CHIP.
  4. Enter the name for the CHIP (for example, MY_CHIP) and choose Create.
  5. Enter the required data for CHIP attributes:
    1. Field URL: Specify the path of the CHIP XML in the MIME repository, for example /sap/public/bc/ui2/test/test_chip_1.xml.
    2. Field Display Name: Specify the name under which the CHIP is displayed in the CHIP catalog.
    3. Field Description: Specify a short text for the CHIP.
    4. Field Configuration String: This is a string container to be interpreted by UI Services. The field is optional.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. The path of the CHIP XML is checked. If the local HTTP request reading the file fails, an error message is displayed. You will be asked to specify a transport request for the CHIP registration data. During the process, a BAdI is called that stores the CHIP in the catalog cache. Check that the Exists in Catalog Cache checkbox is selected after saving.

Next Steps

For more information, see Using the SAPUI5 Repository in the SAPUI5 Developer Guide.