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Configuring System ConnectionsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You must configure a system connection on your client the first time you start NWBC. In the System Selection screen you can also log on to a system connection, or add, change, and delete it. If system connections are already configured and you deselect the Hide System Selector on Startup checkbox in the Personalization settings, the System Selection dialog is displayed each time you log on to NWBC in which the last active system connection is highlighted.


  1. Display the System Selection dialog box if is is not already visible.
    Choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Connections Next navigation step Systems... End of the navigation path.
  2. Select the New System Connection button and choose a connection type.

    You can choose from the following connection types:

    • SAP New System Connection (NWBC)

    • SAP New System Connection (SAP Logon)

    • New Shortcut (SAP Logon)

  3. To configure a system connection, enter the required data.
    • Settings for connection type SAP New System Connection (NWBC)



      Name (mandatory)

      The name for the system connection


      Connections names must be unique names.


      You can connect with NWBC either directly to a single ABAP server (connection type Application Server ABAP) or to a portal server (connection type Portal).

      System ID

      ID of the system


      The system ID helps determine the message server and application servers and, consequently, building the connection URL.

      Message Server

      Server with which the system communicates

      Note This field is prefilled and cannot be changed by the end user.


      Description of the system connection

      Application Server

      Application server with which the system is connected

      Note This field is prefilled.

      URL (mandatory)

      Note This field is prefilled.

      The HTTP URL that is needed to connect to the server.

      The server name must include a fully qualified domain part as well.

      The protocol is either http:// or https://.

      The path is usually either /sap/bc/nwbc for an ABAP-based connection, or /irj/portal for a portal-based connection.

      The complete syntax for the URL is as follows:


      Client (only visible for a connection to an ABAP system)

      3-digit client for the connection, for example, 000

      Language (only visible for a connection to an ABAP system)

      The system logon language

      SAP GUI Logon Description (only visible for a connection to an ABAP system)

      Note This field is prefilled.

      A SAP Logon/SAP GUI system connection referring to the same system ID can be linked here. The settings of this connection, in particular SAProuter, group selection and SNC, are then used for transactions running in this system. The figure below is an example showing you how to reference the SAP GUI system connection in the maintenance of the NWBC connection:

      For more information about load balancing, see Using NWBC with a Load Balancer.

      Filter ID (only visible for a connection to a Portal system)

      A grouping of specific settings that control what kinds of data are displayed in the system you are logging on to.

      Use Display Rules (only visible for a connection to a Portal system)

      For example, set a dedicated Portal desktop (usually containing a framework page and theme) for a user, alias, or device. If this option is selected, NWBC loads the framework page instead of the Index and New Tab page. This is of particular interest when combining with the SAP Fiori framework page. For more information on this, search for Fiori Framework Page in the SAP NetWeaver libary (Help Portal).

    • Settings for connection type New System Connection (SAP Logon) and New Shortcut (SAP Logon)

      For more information about SAP GUI connection configuration, select Help in a SAP Logon window to display the documentation. SAP Logon windows are used to display or maintain the properties of a SAP GUI connection or SAP shortcut.

  4. To access a system connection, select the corresponding entry in the list and choose Log On. You can also log on to a system using a quick selection option for selecting a system. Choose the Log On menu option. This menu shows a selection of the last used system connections. The currently active connection is highlighted. If you want to use other system connections, you can access the system selection dialog box as this remains open. Connecting to a system this way starts a session in a new window without closing the current system connection.

    You can view the system information in the status bar in NWBC. This helps you to keep an overview of the systems you are currently using when you have multiple windows open in parallel. The system information in NWBC is synchronized with the SAP GUI for Windows status bar. It can be activated or deactivated either in the personalization settings dialog or in the SAP GUI status bar.

    You also have the following options:

    • To create a system connection, choose New. The usual system connection dialog is displayed where you can make your entries for a new system connection.

    • To change a system connection, select the corresponding connection and choose Edit. The usual system connection dialog is displayed where you can change the entries for a given system connection.

    • To delete a system connection, select the corresponding connection and choose Delete. A confirmation dialog is displayed. If you choose Delete, the system connection is deleted both from the system selection and from the system configuration screen.

    • To copy a system connection, select the corresponding connection and choose Copy.
      Note This option is relevant especially when system connections are predefined by the administrator and are therefore read-only for end users.