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Creating Launchpad References in Role MaintenanceLocate this document in the navigation structure

Launchpad references in Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG) enable you to organize applications and menu trees according to the following concept.

  • You use launchpads (transaction LPD_CUST) as a repository for applications.

    This is the location where you specify the technical details for calling an application. For each application, these only need to be specified once.

  • You use Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG) as a repository for role-specific menu trees.

    These menu trees represent a navigation hierarchy where users who are assigned to the respective role can navigate to applications.

The benefit of this approach is that you can reference a launchpad application from multiple roles. The technical details for each application only need to be specified once. If you implement a new version of an application, you only need to edit the launchpad entry in order to see the new version in all roles that reference it.


The program type Launchpad Reference in Role Maintenance is supported by the start-up service only. For more information on the start-up service, see the UI Add-On Developer Guide.

  1. In Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG), choose the Menu tab.

  2. Select a folder where you want to add an application.

  3. Choose Insert Node, and select program type Launchpad Reference.

  4. In the dialog box that appears, enter the following data:



    Launchpad Role

    Technical name of a role as defined in transaction LPD_CUST

    Launchpad Instance

    Technical name of an instance as defined in transaction LPD_CUST

    Application ID or Application Alias

    Enter either an application ID or an application alias.

    To display application IDs in transaction LPD_CUST, choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step General Settings End of the navigation path, and select Show Application IDs.

    Short Text

    Enter a text as it should be displayed in the role menu.