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Enabling or Disabling Personalization of a Page for the End UserLocate this document in the navigation structure


The administrator can enable or disable the personalization of a page as follows:


  1. In the Suite Page Builder Admin application, choose All Pages and select any page for which you have to enable or disable the personalization.
  2. Choose the Page Related Actionsbutton and select Disable Personalization.
    A Disable Personalization dialog box appears. Choose OK.


You have disabled the personalization of a selected page for end users. You can follow the same steps as above for enabling personalization. You have to choose Enable Personalization in the Page Related Actions button.

On disabling the personalization of a page:

  • All the chips from the catalogs assigned to the end user are displayed when the end user launches the Suite Page Builder application.
  • The end user cannot add or delete the chips to the page or change the background image.