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Several new and changed features are available with SAP Fiori launchpad.

Translating Custom Tiles, Catalogs, and Groups (Changed)

As of user interface add-on 1.0 SPS 10 for SAP NetWeaver, you can update or delete tile catalogs and groups that are available in several languages in the customizing scope only in one language. This is to ensure that an administrator does not delete a translation by mistake.

It is not necessary to migrate tile catalogs and groups that were created before SPS 10. Their attribute value original_language is automatically given the value logon-language when you modify the tile catalog or group.

For more information, see Translating Tiles, Catalogs, and Groups in the Customizing Layer.

Personalization Service (New)

The personalization service is responsible for managing user personalization in the SAP Fiori launchpad home page. Up to and including SPS 09 the persistence of this service was located in the Web Dynpro repository in an XML document. This persistence is not designed to hold large amounts of data as the performance does not scale.

SPS 10 introduces a new persistency based on database tables storing the personalization in the form of containers and items is available. This has improved the performance significantly for both read and write operations and performance is constant regardless of the amount of data. The personalization data is kept consistent throughout a user's life cycle, for example, upon deleting users, the personalization data assigned to them is also deleted.

Data Transfer of Personalization from Web Dynpro Repository to Personalization Repository

The personalization service ensures that personalization data is kept after upgrading to SPS 10. This happens on-the-fly the first time personalization is requested. The result of the transfer is written to the application log with object /UI2/BE and subobject /UI2/INTEROP.

Cleanup of Expired Personalization

Personalization containers have a validity. Once a container has expired, you can no longer use it. We recommend deleting containers periodically by running a background job. A Customizing activity is available that allows you to create a background job that cleans up user-specific data periodically after its validity has expired.

For more information, see Customizing for SAP NetWeaver and choose Start of the navigation path UI Technologies Next navigation step SAP Fiori Next navigation step Data Administration Next navigation step Create Cleanup Jobs End of the navigation path.

Performance Improvements (Changed)

Performance was improved in the following areas:

  • Retrieving user-specific target mappings.

    For more information, see Client-Side Caching of Target Mappings.

  • Creating and retrieving user personalization.

  • Startup of SAP Fiori launchpad designer

Security (New)

For improved performance, target mappings are stored in the browser cache.

For more information, see Security Aspects for Client-Side Caching of Target Mappings.

Invalidating All Caches Used in SAP NetWeaver UI Services (New)

A Customizing activity is available to invalidate all server-side caches used in SAP NetWeaver user interface services. We recommend executing this activity after the import of a support package, as the cached data might not match the updated services.

For more information, see Customizing for SAP NetWeaver and choose Start of the navigation path UI Technologies Next navigation step SAP Fiori Next navigation step Data Administration Next navigation step Invalidate Caches End of the navigation path.

Dynamic Launchpad Configuration (New)

Launchpad configuration files allow you to configure the launchpad in various ways, for example to disable personalization of the home page. You do this configuration in separate files without modifying any files delivered by SAP, so your settings will not be overwritten when updating with future support packages. The configuration is defined in a JSON file that is loaded on startup of the launchpad.

For more information, see Setting Parameters in a Launchpad Configuration File and Launchpad Configuration Parameters.

Personalizing the Home Page on Smartphones (New)
It is now possible to personalize the home page on smartphones and perform the following actions:
  • Move, rename, delete, reset, and create new groups
  • Move and remove tiles
User Preferences (Changed)

In the Options menu, the Login Details item has been renamed to User Preferences. The User Preferences dialog now also displays the theme that is in use. When this option is enabled, it is possible to change the theme by selecting a different one from the list.

For more information, see Setting a Theme.

Saving a Tile to a Specific Group (Changed)

When running an app, the Save as Tile option now enables selecting the group on the home page to which to add the tile. The default group is My Home.

For more information, see Saving an SAP Fiori App as a Tile.

Hiding Groups on the Home Page (New)

It is now possible to hide and show groups on the home page. When this feature is enabled, the Hide Groups option is available from the Options menu. This feature is disabled by default.

For more information, see Hiding Groups.

Running the Launchpad in Headerless Mode (Changed)

It is now possible to run the launchpad in headerless mode. In this mode, home page personalization options are either not available or disabled, including the ability to move or remove tiles. This mode can be used, for example, when integrating the launchpad with SAP Enterprise Portal.

For more information, see Running an Application Standalone.

Extending the Launchpad (New)

APIs are provided to enable implementing a custom launchpad UI, and a custom tile type.

For more information, see Extending the Launchpad.

Accessibility and Usability Improvement (New)
The tile catalog now provides full support for keyboard navigation, including:
  • Arrow keys - to move between the tiles in a catalog category.
  • Page Up/Page Down - to move to the first tile of the previous catalog category or of the following catalog category.
  • Home/End - to move between the first tile and the last tile in the tile catalog.
  • Space - to select a group in the Add Group to Tiles dialog.
Navigation Type (New)

You can now check if the navigation target application is a SAPUI5-based Fiori application or another SAP Fiori application. The system displays the details under the newly added parameter Navigation Type in the Target Mappings table on the SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer screen.

For more information see, Adding or Removing Tiles or Target Mappings.