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Prerequisites for Translating Text ElementsLocate this document in the navigation structure

When translating text elements, some prerequisites have to be fulfilled.

The '<name>.properties' file must fulfill certain prerequisites for processing:

The table entries for the text elements are written if the following prerequisites are met:

  • The file name must end with '.properties'.

  • The first line in the '<name>.properties' file must contain a certain identifier: # SAPUI5 TRANSLATION-KEY <GUID with 32 characters>.


    This GUID serves as a unique identifier for the 'properties' file, therefore it must never be copied to other '<name>.properties' files and it must never be changed in this file. The GUID can be created with the ABAP function module 'GUID_CREATE', or the complete line can be generated with the ABAP report /UI5/TEXT_FILE_GEN_TRANS_KEY.

  • The file must not contain any duplicate text elements.

Additionally, transport entries are created in the target ABAP system if:

  • The corresponding SAPUI5 BSP application is not located in a local package ($TMP).

  • A valid transport request is already available.

If the property file is relocated to another folder, application, or package, the file must be submitted again to the SAPUI5 repository. Accidental overwriting of text elements in the SAPUI5 text repository with text from another properties file is prevented. If a duplicate GUID is detected, the properties fle cannot ne synchronized. As a consequence, it is then not possible to rename or relocate a properties file and to submit it once it is contained in the SAPUI5 text repository. If a renaming or relocation of a properties file is required, the text elements have to be removed from the SAPUI5 text repository by using the /UI5/TEXT_ENTRIES_DELETE report.


If you use the deletion report, translated texts will get lost. Only use the report for texts that are not yet translated. After running the deletion report, submit the the renamed or relocated properties file again.

If the BSP application on the ABAP server is reassigned from a local ($TMP) to a non-local package, the file also needs to be resubmitted. All text elements will be generated again with the new creation timestamp.


As the master language of the SAPUI5 repository serves as the master language of the texts, it is important that the same language is used for the creation of the repository as has previously been used for the property files.

When using the SAPUI5 repository team provider and creating the BSP application manually the correct language has to be chosen on the logon screen.