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A catalog is an aggregation of functionally relevant CHIPs to which a role should have access. The CHIPs inside the catalog can address the functions of a role.

A page administrator can create catalogs by accessing the Suite Page Builder (SPB) Administration page.

The SPB administration page lists the following:

  • All of the CHIPs available in a system (captured in catalog /UI2/CATALOG_ALL) under the All CHIPs tab.
  • All of the catalogs (if any) on the Catalogs tab.


  1. To create a catalog, choose the + icon next to the catalogs.
    Note The newly created catalog appears under Catalogs with an indicator next to it. The indicator shows that the catalog has not yet been linked to a PFCG role in the back end.
  2. Fill the newly created catalog with the relevant CHIPs from the All CHIPs section. This section contains all of the CHIPs (as CHIP stubs) in the system. Apart from the CHIP name and description, the CHIP also displays the dimension information.
  3. To add a CHIP to the catalog, select ADD and then select the catalog from the dialog box.
    Note The CHIP was a stub with no data up to now. Once it is linked to a catalog, the CHIP takes its complete geometrical form with data.
    You can delete a catalog that is not linked to a role by choosing the Delete Catalog pushbutton.