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The Mock Server mimics OData backend calls. It is designed to simulate an OData provider and is completely client-based, which means there is no need for network connectivity to a remote host.

The Mock Server intercepts HTTP calls made to the server, and provides a fake output to the client. This is transparent to your data binding and usage of OData model. No changes are required on the OData model.

Together with the mock service, the Mock Server also provides mock data. It supports randomly generated data (based on the service metadata), as well as mock data provided in .JSON files.
Note It supports only the .JSON format for representing the resources (Collections, Entries, Links, etc.) it exposes.
Table 1: Supported OData Features
CRUD calls Supported
Navigations Supported
Query String Options:  
- Orderby System Query Option ($orderby) Supported
- Top System Query Option ($top) Supported
- Skip System Query Option ($skip) Supported
- Filter System Query Option ($filter) Supported: eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le, substringof, startswith, endswith
- Expand System Query Option ($expand) Supported
- Select System Query Option ($select) Supported
- Inlinecount System Query Option ($inlinecount) Supported
- Format System Query Option ($format) Unsupported
Service Operations (function imports) Unsupported
Batch Processing Supported
Multiple Services Supported

SAPUI5 Mock Server API