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The Suite Page Builder (SPB) Admin Page provides the CHIPs and catalog configuration features. The administrator has access to the SPB admin page and all of the catalogs in the system.

The administrator can perform the following operations:
  • Create a page

    To create a page, choose All Pages tab in the left side bar, then choose Create Page. Enter an ID and a page title and select tdfdhe CHIP catalog that you want to assign to the page.

  • Search for a page

    You can use the search field to filter the list of pages. The system searches all fields in the table (ID, Title, Catalog and Scope). The search is not case-sensitive. The search term can be a segment of a word (for example, “admin” finds “administrator” as well as “administration”). If you enter more than one search term, the system only displays pages that match all search terms.

  • Open a page

    To open a page in the suite page builder for editing, choose Open from the context menu of the page.

  • Delete a page

    If you delete a page, only the page for the selected scope is deleted. Users may still have personalized variants of this page, and they can continue to use these.

  • Add CHIPs to the catalog
  • Delete CHIPs from the catalog
  • Configure CHIPs in the catalog
  • Create or delete a catalog.