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SAPUI5 provides a set of JavaScript and CSS libraries, which can be combined in an application using the combinations outlined below.

The sap.m library is currently the "leading" library for SAPUI5 application development, and can also be used for desktop applications. You can combine it with other compatible libraries as described below. The respective resource handler automatically handles the way in which the libraries are embedded into your application.

Supported Library Combinations
  • sap.ui.commons and sap.ui.ux3 can be used together with sap.ui.core, sap.ui.unified, sap.ui.table and sap.ui.layout but are not supported in combination with any of the other libraries.
  • sap.ui.core, sap.ui.layout and sap.ui.unified can be combined with all other libraries.
  • sap.viz can be combined with all other libraries.
  • sap.m can be combined with sap.ui.table, sap.ui.layout, sap.ui.unified, sap.viz and sap.suite.
  • sap.ui.commons, sap.ui.table, sap.ui.ux3, sap.ui.richtexteditor, and sap.ui.suite can be combined with each other.
  • sap.uiext.inbox
Note All other library combinations are not tested and therefore not supported.

The combinations that are possible are best shown using the following image:

Main UI Libraries
Library Description API References

Library with controls specialized for mobile devices.


SAPUI5 library contains the makit charts.


Common library for standard controls


SAPUI5 library with controls that implement the SAP User Experience (UX) Guidelines 3.0


SAPUI5 library containing chart controls based on the VIZ charting library