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You can hide groups on the home page.


You enable the ability to hide groups in the launchpad configuration. For more information, see Launchpad Configuration Parameters.
Note By default, the ability to hide groups is disabled.


You can hide groups on the home page according to your needs. For example, when there is a large number of groups, you can hide groups that are currently not in use. You can show these groups again at a later stage. A hidden group does not display on the home page, in the group panel, and in the Add Tile to Groups dialog box in the tile catalog.

Note You cannot hide the My Home group, and you cannot hide locked groups.


  1. In the header bar, click or tap the (Options) icon and select Hide Groups.
  2. In the Hide Groups dialog box, use the switch control to hide or show a group.
  3. Choose OK to save your changes.