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In catalog administration, you can create and maintain catalogs and tiles.

You can access catalog administration using the following URL:


If you access the catalog administration page in a standalone browser, a logon page is displayed. Enter your user ID and password for the back-end system.

The left pane displays all catalogs. The right pane displays the tiles that are assigned to the catalog that is currently selected.

Catalog administration provides the following features:

  • Create catalogs
  • Delete catalogs
  • Create tiles
  • Configure tiles
  • Duplicate tiles
  • Delete tiles

The information about the SAP Fiori launch page is stored in the following scopes:

Scope Description
Customizing Client-specific settings

When administrators set up catalogs for their organization, we recommend storing these settings in the customizing scope.

If you access catalog administration without providing any scope parameter in the URL, the customizing scope is opened by default. You can add the parameter scope=CUST to the URL as in the example below:

Configuration System-wide settings

When SAP developers develop content to be shipped with the SAP Fiori launch page, they store these settings in the configuration scope.

Administrators at the customer site can also use the configuration scope to create client-independent catalogs. In this case the customer namespace must be used.

In order to access catalog administration in the configuration scope, add the parameter scope=CONF to the URL as in the example below: