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The Create KPI app allows you to create new key performance indicators (KPIs) or operational performance indicators (OPIs) and activate them.

Key Features
  • Define the KPI or OPI parameters.

    The goal type indicates which improvement direction is optimal for the KPI. For maximizing KPIs, the improvement direction is higher (for example, revenue or profit KPIs). For minimizing KPIs, a lower value represents an improvement (for example, cost KPIs). For some KPIs, a range of values is optimal (for example, stock to sales ratio).

    You can add a set of property names and values that are associated with the KPI or OPI. You can only choose values from the current entity set. These property names and values are displayed on the Info tab of the KPI Workspace app.

  • Enter the data source details.
    Enter the relevant data source details such as the SAP HANA calculation view, the OData service path, the entity set that corresponds to the SAP HANA view, the value measure, and the semantic object and action. The semantic object and the action are used to determine the KPI’s navigation target.
    Note If you do not specify the semantic object, the KPI measure is used as the semantic object. If you do not specify the action, analyzeSBKPIDetails is used as the action. If there is no target mapping for the given combination of semantic object and action, a target mapping with * as semantic object and the given action is used instead.
  • Save and activate the KPI or OPI.
    You can save the newly created KPI or OPI and activate it later or you can both save and activate by choosing the Save and Activate button. You can create, activate, and add an evaluation to a KPI or an OPI in one step by choosing Activate and Add Evaluation.
    Note Only active entities are available in the runtime environment. To make a KPI or OPI visible at runtime, you must create an evaluation and a tile. You do this using the Create Evaluation and Configure KPI Tiles apps.
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