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Issuing Certificates for SSF CLBOAULocate this document in the navigation structure

This section describes how to issue the SSF CLBOAU certificate.


The SSF application type CLBOAU exists in the system or you have created it as described in Creating an SSFA Instance.


  1. In Customizing for SAP NetWeaver, choose Start of the navigation path UI Technologies Next navigation step SAP Jam Integration> Next navigation step Retrieve Certificate for RSA SHA1 End of the navigation path (or run transaction STRUST).
    The Trust Manager screen appears.
  2. In the Dialog Structure, double-click the SSF Collaboration Integration node.
    The system displays the details.
  3. In the Own Certificate group box, double-click the Subject field.
    In releases lower than SAP NetWeaver 7.4, the Subject field was called Owner.
  4. Choose Export Certificate.
    Note The Subject field in the Own Certificate and the Certificate group boxes must contain identical data.
  5. In the Select File dialog, specify where you want to save the certificate. Make sure to select the Base64 option as the file format.
  6. To save the file, choose Continue or choose Enter.
    The File was saved message appears.


You have retrieved the SSF certificate. You need the certificate later for the procedure in Setting Up the OAuth Client.