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Defining Configuration Parameters in CustomizingLocate this document in the navigation structure

You define configuration parameters for the launchpad in Customizing.

In Customizing under Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step UI Technologies Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Business Client End of the navigation path, use transaction /UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUST to define configuration parameters such as THEME.

SAP delivers some parameters with predefined values. This data is available via transaction /UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAP. As a customer you can define the same parameters with a different value in transaction /UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUST. The system always prefers the values that you have defined.

The following parameters are supported:






An administrator selects an SAP theme, or a custom theme created with UI theme designer. When the user logs on to the role or cockpit associated with this theme in the back end, NWBC with its overview pages, all Web Dynpro ABAP applications, and service maps are rendered using the specified theme.

When configuring a custom theme, specify the theme ID here.

For further information on theming with UI theme designer, configuration and maintenance of themes, please refer to UI Theme Designer.

For SAP Fiori wave 2, the path filter SAP_FLP is provided with the default value sap_bluecrystal.