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The launch page is a home page where users can launch applications on desktop or mobile devices.

The launch page displays a number of tiles. Tiles are rectangular objects that typically allow direct access to applications, features, functions, and individual items, such as contracts, Web pages, applications, or media items. The tiles displayed on the launch page are determined by the user's roles.

The visual design of the launch page automatically adapts to the space available. For example, the launch page has a mobile look and feel on small mobile devices, whereas the same page has a desktop look and feel when displayed in a large browser window.

The number of tiles visible on a page is limited by the available space. If there are more tiles available than can be displayed on one page, you can switch between multiple pages.

Various elements are displayed on the tiles, such as an icon, a title, an info text, and optionally a number.

The following tile types can currently be created:

  • App launcher: The information displayed on tiles of this type can be configured in a static way.
  • App launcher (dynamic): The information displayed on tiles of this type can be configured dynamically using an OData service.

You can launch the target application by clicking or tapping a tile.


The launch page can be displayed in the following environments:

  • Standalone
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Client
  • SAP Enterprise Portal

If you access the launch page in standalone mode, a logon page is displayed. Enter your user ID and password for the back-end system.

In standalone mode, the launch page also displays a Logout command.