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The SAP Smart Business modeler apps have been improved in the following ways:

Delete Personalized KPI Tiles (New)

You can use the Delete Personalized KPI Tiles app to delete KPI tiles created using the Save as Tile feature of the generic drill-down app.

SAP Smart Business Download Tool (New)

You can use the SAP Smart Business Download Tool to download SAP Smart Business content, such as KPIs, evaluations, and drill-downs as well as analytical privileges and roles from the HANA repository of a SAP system. The smart business content is downloaded as a set of csv files and one hdbti file on to the file system of the computer on which you run the tool. You use an internet web browser to launch this tool.

Decimal Precision (New)

You can now define the number of decimal places to be displayed for all the displayed measures of evaluations.

Duplicate KPIs, OPIs, and Evaluations (Enhanced)

You can now do a deep copy of KPIs, OPIs , and evaluations.

Percentage-based Main Measures (Enhanced)

You can now define percentage-based thresholds for evaluations.

Create Evaluation (Enhanced)

When creating a new evaluation, you can now specify thresholds as percentage relative to the target measure.