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Using the ABAP Communication Log for TroubleshootingLocate this document in the navigation structure

For troubleshooting purposes, you can use the ABAP Communication Log to log all REST requests from and to the ABAP system.

Proceed as follows:

  1. To open the ABAP Communication Log view in Eclipse, choose Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Show View Next navigation step Others... End of the navigation path and then choose Start of the navigation path ABAP Next navigation step ABAP Communication Log End of the navigation path.
  2. To start the logging, choose Start logging. You can stop the logging by choosing Stop logging.
  3. The ABAP Communication Log displays all requests between Eclipse and the connected ABAP system, giving you information about the HTTP method (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE), the query parameters of the request, and the HTTP status code.

    SAPUI5 ApplTools Communication Log List

  4. If you click a request in the list, the details of this request are displayed (such as Request, Response, Stack Trace), giving you information about the HTTP header fields and the content of the request and the response.

    SAPUI5 ApplTools Communication Log Entry