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Information for translators

The following information is relevant for translators:

  • SAP Note 1686090 must be implemented in the translation system to enable the translation of SAPUI5 text elements. SAPUI5 text elements are treated as ABAP short texts with translation object type: UI5T.

  • The translation object name is a GUID, which is the key taken from the original property file containing the text elements (the GUID from the first line) (see under Prerequisites: # SAPUI5 TRANSLATION-KEY <GUID with 32 characters>).

  • The text key of each text element consists of the text type and an individual GUID, separated by a space.

  • The UI5T texts are stored in the following database tables which are stored with a SAP/customer namespace:

    • /UI5/TREP_TEXT: Master table with the text name, unique text GUID, text type, additional context information, and another GUID that is the translation object name (the GUID from the property file).

    • /UI5/TREP_TEXT_T: Language-dependent table containing the original and translated text; the key is the text GUID as in table /UI5/TREP_TEXT and the language key.

    • /UI5/TREP_FILES contains the (translation) object name (the GUID from the property file) and path information for the property file.