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In the home page, you can move, rename, delete, and reset groups, and also create new groups.


The ability to personalize the home page is enabled in the launchpad configuration. For more information, see Launchpad Configuration Parameters.


The group panel lists all the available groups. To show or hide the group panel, click or tap the Show/Hide group panel (Show/Hide group panel) icon located in the header bar.

To make changes to groups, choose Personalize home page (Personalize home page). The table describes the group actions that you can perform in action mode.

Action Description
Move a group
Drag the group to the required location on the home page.

You cannot move locked groups or the My Home group.

Rename a group
Double-click or double-tap the group name, edit it in the text box, and press Enter. To discard the change while the text box is in focus, press the Esc key.
Note You cannot rename locked groups.
Delete a group
In the group header, click or tap Delete. The group is deleted along with all its tiles.
Note You can only delete groups that you created; you cannot delete groups that were predefined by the administrator, and you cannot delete locked groups.
Reset a group

You can reset a predefined group that you personalized, back to its initial state.

In the group header, click or tap Reset. The group is reset to its initial state.
Note You cannot reset the default My Home group.
Create a new group
  1. In between existing groups or at the bottom of the home page, click or tap Add Group, enter a group name in the text box that opens, and press Enter. The new group, with a tile placeholder, is added to the home page.
  2. In the tile placeholder, click or tap tile catalog(Tile catalog) to open the tile catalog where you add tiles to the new group and to other groups.