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Object documentationAuto-Confirmation Profile


A user-specific grouping of parameters that are taken into account in the interaction between organizational units (in particular, between customer service agents and gateway). The profile is only relevant for freight units for which interaction between organizational units is mandatory. You define whether interaction between organizational units is mandatory in the default route or in Customizing under Start of the navigation path Transportation Management Next navigation step Freight Order Management Next navigation step Define Freight Booking Types End of the navigation path.

The settings that you configure in the auto-confirmation profile are checked by the system when the freight booking is assigned to the freight unit stage. If all criteria are fulfilled, the assignment of the freight booking is confirmed automatically.

You define auto-confirmation profiles in SAP NetWeaver Business Client by choosing Start of the navigation path Application Administration Next navigation step General Settings Next navigation step Organization Interaction Next navigation step Auto-Confirmation Profiles End of the navigation path.


In the auto-confirmation profile, you define the following, for example:

  • General data

    Here, you specify a technical name and description for the profile that you want to create. In addition, you can configure whether automatic confirmation for this profile is to be activated and can choose a transportation mode. If automatic confirmation is activated, the criteria for capacity and utilization limits and excluded security statuses must be met so that the freight unit stages are confirmed automatically.

  • Capacity limits

    Here you define hard capacity limits that the system takes into account for automatic confirmation. You can define a maximum gross weight and a maximum gross volume for the freight unit. You can also define a maximum weight capacity and a maximum volume capacity for the freight booking as percentage values. The utilization of the freight booking after the freight units have been assigned must not exceed the limits defined in the profile.

  • Excluded security statuses

    Freight units for which at least one of the excluded security statuses is specified are not confirmed automatically. The security status is only relevant for the Air transportation mode.

If all parameters are observed, the assignment of the freight unit stage to the freight booking is confirmed automatically.

Administrative data is also displayed.