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Displaying a Customer-Specific HTML PageLocate this document in the navigation structure


To import HTML files, you need to define the corresponding MIME type first.


You can display the content of an existing HMTL file on the Initial Page in order to provide customer-specific information on the Welcome page.


  1. Upload the HTML file:
    1. To open the SAP Web Repository: Initial Screen, execute transaction SMW0.
    2. In the Web object area, select the HTML templates for WebRFC applications to upload a customer-specific HTML file.
    3. Start the search for the HTML file or file by pressing F8.
      The HTML Templates for WebRFC area is displayed.
    4. To perform the search, press F8.
      The SAP Web Repository: Object Display with the corresponding objects appears.
    5. Create a new HTML object by choosing F5 and upload an HTML file.
      Note Alternatively, you can overwrite an existing HTML object.
    6. Search for the HTML file and confirm with Open.
      If security rules are defined for your ABAP system, a security popup will appear.
    7. To confirm, choose Allow.
      The Create Object Directory Entry popup is displayed.
    8. Assign the HTML object to an ABAP package.
    9. Save the HTML object.
      Note If you are uploading a new HTML file, the Transportable Workbench Request popup will appear.
    10. Assign the image object to a transport request.
  2. Maintain the customizing entry of the Initial Page:
    1. To enter a new entry in the SEWB_SETTINGS customizing table, execute transaction SE16.
    2. In the Table Name entry field, enter SEWB_SETTINGS.
    3. To display the table content, press F7.
      The Data Browser: Table window selection screen appears.
    4. In the ATTRIBUTE entry field, enter the WB_NEWS customizing entry.
    5. To perform the search, press F8.
      The Data Browser: Table window selection subscreen is displayed. Here, the attribute entry is shown in the table.
    6. Alternatively, you can create a new table entry. For this, choose F5.
      Note In this case, do not define a UNAME.
    7. Select the WB_NEWS entry and choose F6 to change it.
    8. In the VALUE entry field, enter the name of the uploaded web repository object.
    9. Save your entry.


On the Initial Page (SE80), the content of the uploaded HTML page is displayed.

If you want to display the same HTML page and customizing entry in other ABAP systems, you can transport it accordingly.